Town Team Baseball

by Jim Caple

Town ball in Minnesota is the last pure sport in America. You know the diamond in "Field of Dreams"? There are at least a dozen such fields in Minnesota where the local teams play a couple of nights a week each summer. Many of them have a cornfield on one side and a cemetery on the other, which is a fitting arrangement: life and death with baseball in between.

The C league of Minnesota townball, where you find the smallest towns and the most farmers. The men work in the fields and in the towns (in professions ranging from advertising to computer startups) during the day, then gather by home plate and play baseball in the evening. Although there are tales of star players long ago being paid under the table, no one plays for money here today. They play for better reasons -- out of a love of baseball, a sense of community, family and friendship.

Excerpted from:

  • Baseball the Way it Ought To Be
  • 101 things all sports fans must experience before they die